The Pettit and Peek Families

Introduction A short word on how and why.   Follow the link so that I can explain why I felt the need to put my research on the web.



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Photos from the reunion.
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Index Take a look at the Pettits that have been found so far on the index.    There are more to be added, time allowing!
Family Tree The small Pettit only version of the tree has now been updated up to 26 October 09.   There are a number of additions, with some more to follow soon.
A Pettit family group photograph, date unknown.   The group contains (back row, left to right) Stanley, Eva, Harold, Ivy, (front row left to right) William, Grace, Frances, Wesley and Winifred.   Index There's not as many Peek members of the family showing on here as I'd like there to be.   I'm working on it!
Small Tree For the short version of the tree, updated on the 29 Dec 05, 32 pages long and saved as a .pdf file click on the Small Tree button.   This tree now includes all of the information provided by Alan Peak, for which I am very grateful!
Large Tree For the full version of the tree, 144 pages in size (47 across and 3 deep including blank pages), click on the Large Tree button
  Mornington Harry Peek, presumably in his TA days.
I think he is seated first left in the middle row.






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The return to Lowestoft 2005