The Peek Family

Edward William Peek b 23rd April 1847 - d 27th August 1897

Wife - Mary Ann        Son - Robert        Daughter - Azelia        Daughter - Alice        Son - William        Son - Edward        Daughter - Florence        Daughter - Sarah       

Son - Albert





Research Dates
24 Jul 05 

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1851 Yes



Place of birth (No map yet)
1861 Yes



Place of marriage
1871 Yes



1881 No        
1891 Yes        

24 July 2005
Research conducted to date shows Edward William as the eldest son of Robert and Naomi Peek.   Material found on him so far includes entries in the 1851, 1871 and 1891 censuses, his birth and marriage certificates, and information relating to his wife, Mary Ann Forster (or Foster, depending on the record!).   Known children of the couple so far are Robert, Azelia, Alice, William, Edward, Florence, Sarah and Albert.   A mystery surrounds Edward's death, as an entry in the Personal Ancestral File published by the Church of the Latter Day Saints shows him as being lost at sea on the 27th August 1897, but no certificate has been found.   Further research is being carried out into this event.

Birth Certificate

Edward William's birth certificate arrived on the 22 December 04. It shows his father as Robert Peek, a fisherman, and his mother as Naomi Peek, formerly Kemp. The birth was registered by his mother on the 4th June 1847, the registrar being Samuel Smith. Edward William was born in Pakefield.

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Marriage Certificate

The certificate arrived on the 21 June 05, and showed Edward William peek marrying Mary Ann Foster, both aged 18, in the Congregational Chapel, London Road, Lowestoft on the 3rd December 1865. Edward, a carpenter, is shown as a bachelor, Mary Ann a spinster. Both were resident in Pakefield at the time of the marriage. Edward's father is shown as Robert Peek, a Fisherman, and Mary Ann's is Samuel Foster, a Labourer. The witnesses to the marriage were Samuel Foster and Phoebe Peek, presumably Mary Ann's father and Edward William's sister. The ceremony was conducted by Fairfax Goodall. This would appear to be an eventful time for Mary Ann, as two days later first son Robert was born!

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1871 Census

A check of the 1871 census shows Edward at home with wife Mary at No 21 Street, Kirkley, Lowestoft. Edward's occupation is given as a carpenter. Child Robert is present as expected, together with two previously unknown children, daughters Celia (actually misread, and is really Azelia) aged 4, and Alice aged 9 months.

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Mary Ann Forster

Certificate Type Copy Found
Birth Yes
Marriage Yes
Death Yes

Birth Certificate

The birth certificate for Mary Ann arrived on the 25 June 05, and clearly shows her surname as Forster, the same as her father Samuel. Mary Ann was born in Kessingland, to Samuel and mother Sarah, formerly Wiskin. Mary Ann was born on the 4th February 1848, the birth being reported on the 18th February 1848 by mother Sarah and registered by Samuel Smith, Registrar. At the time of the birth Samuel's occupation was a Twinespinner.

The Registrar made a major mistake on this certificate. He originally registered Mary Ann as a boy. The certificate contains a statement made by the Registrar to correct matters, which reads "In No 274 Column 3 for Boy substitute Girl. Corrected on the 16th day of May 1848 by me Samuel Smith Registrar. In the presence of X The Mark of Samuel Forster X The Mark of Sarah Forster Parents".

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Death Certificate

The certificate arrived on the 21 June 05 and shows Mary Ann Peek, wife of Edward William Peek, Fisherman, dying on the 17th January 1894 at 2 Church Road, Kirkley, Lowestoft. The cause of death was cancer of the uterus, which it would appear that Mary Ann had been suffering from for 2 years. Present at the death was Alice Clara Adams, daughter, who reported the death on the 19th January 1894. The death was certified by Walter Berry MD, and registered by R Soames, Registrar.

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1891 Census

Edward is missing from the 1891 census, although his family is shown living at 2 Church Road, Kirkley, Lowestoft. Wife Mary is shown as being resident at 2 Church Road with children Robert E, William, Edward, Sarah and Albert.   Mary is shown at the bottom of the left hand image, with her children following on at the top of the right hand picture.

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