The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

Amelia Pettit b 1847 - d

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Other Information  
1851 Yes




Place of birth
1861 Yes



1871 No



1881 No        
1891 No        
1901 No        






Research Dates
7 Feb 06

7 February 2006
The 1851 census provided a definite link between Amelia and the rest of the family, and led to her being found in the 1861 census, working as a house servant at the Bell Inn, Boyton.   Links to both census pages are provided above.

1851 Census

This is the source record for Amelia, it providing the first definite link to the family. Amelia is shown as aged 4, and living with parents George and Mary, and younger sister Susannah.

1861 Census

Amelia has, at the tender age of 15, flown her parents nest, and is found in this census working as a house servant at the Bell Inn, Boyton. With her in the Bell are James Smith, head of the family whose occupation is given as Brewer and Innkeeper, his wife Eliza, and another servant, James Richardson, also 15 and a Carter.

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