The Peek Family

Clara Sarah Peek b 1852 - d

Husband - Alexander

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1861 Yes


No (Q3 1852 Mutford 4a 598)

1871 No


No (Q4 1879 Mutford 4a 1694)

1881 Yes



1891 No        
1901 Yes        





Research Dates
11 Feb 06 

This is the only picture I have of Clara, once again provided by Christine Smith, as was the picture of Clara's husband Alexander shown below.   Clara was married at the age of 26 or 27, and at first look it appears that this photograph may well  have been taken around that age.

11 February 2006
Not too much is known about Clara as yet, other than she was the daughter of Robert and Naomi Peek.   She was born in 1852, the exact date not yet known, although an entry in the Register of Births has been found, it being Q3 1852 Mutford 4a 598.   The trail goes cold until her marriage at age 26 or 27 to Alexander Thompson, whose photograph is shown below.  The next find is in the 1901 census, when she is shown as being aged 48.   Further research today has located her in the 1881 census, which is shown below.

1881 Census

Clara and Alexander are found outside of Suffolk in this census, they are living at 3 Edith Road, West Ham, Essex. Clara is shown as being 28, with no occupation, whilst Alexander is 30, and a railway guard. If all records that have been found to date are accurate, by this time the pair would have been married for two years, and appear to be childless.

1901 Census

In the 1901 census, Clara and husband Alexander are shown to be living at 131 Lichfield Road, Gorleston, Norfolk.   Clara is aged 48, with no occupation showing, Alexander is 50 and shown as a railway guard, a position he may have occupied for sometime judging by his appearance in the photograph shown below.

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Alexander Thompson b 1848 - d


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