The Peek Family

Donald Jones Peek b 1887 - d 16 May 1917

Wife - Ellen        Son - Donald

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1891 No



Place of birth (No map yet)
1901 No



Place of marriage




Arras, France

Commonwealth War Graves Commission




Research Dates
6 Nov 05

6 November 2005
Donald Jones was previously unknown prior to visiting Neil and Christine Peek, where he was discovered on a version of the Family tree they had in their possession.   To date, nothing is known of his early life, only  the briefest details relating to his marriage and birth of his son, also Donald, together with details concerning his sad and early demise during the First World War.

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate

1891 Census

1901 Census

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Certificate

The certificate shows 251553 Private Donald Jones Peek of the 2nd/3rd Battalion, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) died on the 16 May 1917.   His name is recorded on the Arras Memorial.

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