The Peek Family

Edward Peek (or Peke) b 1800 - d 1885

Wife - Phoebe        Daughter - Elizabeth        Son - Robert

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1841 No


No, pre-1837

Place of birth (No map yet)
1851 Yes


No, pre 1837

Place of marriage
1861 No


Q2 1885 Mutford 4a 537

1871 Yes        
1881 Yes        





Research Dates
14 Jul 05 

14 July 2005
Edward Peek now takes the honour of being the oldest known member of the Peek family, from son Robert.   All that is known about him is set out below.

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1851 Census

This is the first census taken after the death of Edward's wife Phoebe, and it shows him aged 50, at home with daughter Elizabeth, a pattern that was to remain in all of the remaining censuses.   Edward's occupation is given as a Fisherman, daughter Elizabeth is a Housekeeper.   The surname in this census is Peck, but this may be a transcription error by the enumerator.

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1871 Census

In this census, Edward was shown as the head of the family, and a widower.   He was aged 70, but still shown as a Fisherman, so perhaps even at this age he was still going to sea and facing the elements.   He was living in Barn Lane Cottages with daughter Elizabeth, who seems to have taken over the duties of her mother.

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1881 Census

The 1881 census, in regards of content, is pretty much the same as its predecessors.   Edward is now aged 80, has an occupation shown as Formerly Fisherman, which presumably means he has retires, and is still living with daughter Elizabeth.   She is now aged 60, and is once more shown as a Housekeeper.   The address is given as 8 Barn Lane, which puts the close to widowed daughter-in-law Naomi Peek, who was living at 9 Barn Lane.

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