The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

Elizabeth Pettit b 1824 - d

Son - William
Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Other Information  
1841 Yes


Yes, Pallott's Baptism Index

Place of birth (No map yet)
1851 Yes



Place of marriage
1861 No



1871 No        
1881 No        
1891 No        
1901 No        







Research Dates
2 Mar 06        19 Jun 06

2 March 2006
Very little is currently known about Elizabeth.   She was found in Pallott's Baptism Index, and again in the 1851 census with her mother.   The next two census records have been examined, but she cannot be found, indicating she may have married, or died.   Checks of the necessary indexes will be carried out to establish her whereabouts.

19 June 06
Elizabeth was found in the 1841 census, living with mother Lucy, and siblings George, Sarah and Emily.   She is shown as being born in the County of Suffolk.

It has also been established that William Pettitt, shown in the 1851 census as the grandson of Lucy, Elizabeth's mother, is the child of Elizabeth, as confirmed on the arrival of the birth certificate.   William is one of a number of children born out of wedlock to this generation of the family!   Elizabeth's sisters Jane and Emily also produced children without the father's name appearing on the birth certificates, and elder sister Lucy would have appeared to have just made it to the aisle in time before producing her first child.   There must have been something in the air in the fields of Suffolk in the mid 1800s.

Pallott's Baptism Index

This extract from Pallott's Baptism Index shows Elizabeth, daughter of William, mariner, and Lucy, nee Buckman.

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