The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

Elizabeth Pettit b 21st October 1858 - d

Husband - George    Son - William    Son - Percy    Daughter - Kate    Son - Frederic    Son - Albert

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found
1861 Yes Birth Yes
1871 Yes Marriage Yes
1881 No Death No
1891 Yes    
1901 Yes    

Research Dates
23 Oct 04    22 Jan 05

23 October 2004
Odd snippets of information have been found out about Elizabeth prior to this date.   For instance, her birth was found, along with all of her brothers and sisters by trawling the site.   An Elizabeth is also named on the death certificate as being present at her mother's death in 1903, although by that time it would appear that Elizabeth had got married and had become Elizabeth Brown, living in Cumberland Street, Woodbridge.   All of these little bits of information prompted me to try and find out a little more about her.

The 1881 census was checked through the site of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, and turned up an entry for an Eliza Pettit.   The profile fits, the location is correct and her age is shown as within one year of what would have been expected.   Additionally, Elizabeth does not appear in the census return for her father's house, present with George at that time were his wife Mary, sons George, William and Herbert, and daughter Susannah with her two sons Horace and John.   Additionally, Eliza was shown as a visitor, and working as a domestic servant.   I would like to think that the reason she was there was because the occupiers of the house, Robert and Mary Ann Middleditch, had just had a baby daughter, all of 10 days old called Louisa Jane, and Eliza was there to lend a helping hand.

The next part of the research for Elizabeth will centre around the 1901 census, to see if I can locate her in Woodbridge, either under her married or maiden names.   Following that will come a search of the marriage register to try and locate her marriage certificate to see if that provides any further information for research.

22 January 2005
An entry has been found for Elizabeth in the 1871 census, she is shown living with her parents in Boyton, together with sister Susannah and her child Horace, and brothers George, William and Herbert.   To date, no records have been found for her post 1871, I believe that some time after the 1871 census Elizabeth was married and became Elizabeth Brown.   This line of enquiry is being investigated.

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Birth Certificate

Elizabeth's birth on the 21st October 1858 was registered by mother Mary on the 13th November 1858. The registrar was William Arnott. It seems rather poignant that some 45 years later, Elizabeth would be the family member registering her mother's death.

Marriage Certificate

The above certificate shows that Elizabeth Pettit (shown as Petitt) married George Brown on the 3rd April 1886. George, from Playford, was aged 20, a bachelor, and working as a horseman, as was his father David Brown. Elizabeth was aged 25, and a spinster. Her residence at the time of the marriage was Wickham Market. Father George's profession was given as a horseman, not an agricultural labourer as might have been expected. The marriage was witnessed by ? Brown and Fanny Archer.

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1891 Census

The Brown family is shown at schedule number 16 on this census.   Elizabeth is shown as living in Mill House, Playford, with husband George and William, Percy and Kate.   As with sister Susannah, Elizabeth has constant problems remembering her age, on this occasion it is given as 34, some two years greater than it should have been.   It gets worse in the 1901 census!

1901 Census

In this census, Elizabeth is found at home in Cumberland Street, Woodbridge, with previously known daughter Katie, now 18, and new discoveries, sons Frederic aged 8 and Albert aged 3.   Elizabeth is shown as a Laundress, aged 40, which is somewhat remarkable, as she has only aged 6 years in the 10 years between the 1891 and 1901 census nights.   Perhaps she was trying to compensate and make her age nearer what it should have been.

Husband George was not with her on the night of the census, nor were Elizabeth's two elder sons George and William, they were elsewhere, as can be seen below, from their parts of this page.

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Husband - George
At the moment, George Brown's story is quite short.   He was initially identified as Elizabeth's husband by her appearance on mother Mary's death certificate as Elizabeth Brown.   It took some effort to find George, as he was not with wife Elizabeth in the 1901 census, making me think that he had already died, and leaving me with a long search through the death records to find his entry.   Nevertheless, George was first found in the 1891 census, living with wife Elizabeth and the first three of their five children, William, Percy and Katie.   George is shown as being aged 35, and a horse dealer or horse trader, and born in Sudbourne, Suffolk.

A search of the 1901 census eventually led to the discovery of George, living away from home.   It would appear that his work had taken him away, he was working as a horseman in London, on the night of the census he was staying with the Cockran family, which consisted of William Cockran as the head of the household, wife Mary, their son William, daughter Jessie and another boarder Charles Boon.   The family lived at 22 Countess Road, St Pancras, London, which according to my atlas of London is still in existence.

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