The Peek Family

 Emmanuel Stephen George Peek b 1897 - d 23 January 1915

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1901 Yes


No (Q4 1897 Mutford 4a 1000)

Place of birth (No map yet)



Place of marriage




The Sinking

The Sinking of the Labrador





Research Dates
25 Mar 06

25 March 2006
There is only one readily available source of information that has been found for Emmanuel to date, that source being the 1901 census.   In it he is shown as being aged 3, and living with his parents and two siblings Hilda and Ernest.   Nothing more is known until his rather sad and certainly premature death, along with that of his father Stephen, both losing their lives when the trawler Labrador was sunk.   Details of this event can be found by clicking on the button above, marked 'The Sinking'.

The date of Emmanuel's birth will be established once his birth certificate has been obtained.

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