The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

Listed below is the entire family, from the earliest member I can trace, to the youngest.   Where no stories or pictures are available, I've tried to add some things I found out about them while I was researching them.   Who knows what may be there!   If you wish to submit a family member not listed below, or one that does not appear on the family tree, please click here to go to the submissions page.

I've put stories on each person in chronological order as I found or was given them, making the pages a collection of notes.   Where female children with a maiden name of Pettit have married, they are listed in the additional links column, under their parents names.   The only exception to this rule is Susannah (b 1851), for reasons that will become clear if you read the story on her page.   Click on the name to take you to each person's page.


Date of Birth


Female children*

Spouses name

Alfred George Pettit


Arthur Pettit


Colin Pettit   (Son of Harold)    
Craig Pettit 1984      
Dennis L Pettit 1912      
Dennis Pettit Feb 1950 Tina Mayes (1)

Jill Mayhew (2)
Jeanette Pettit
Sarah Pettit
Andrea Pettit
Duncan Pettit 16 Nov 1962 Tina Fenner Chelcie-Mae Pettit  
Elizabeth Pettitt 1824      
George Pettit 1823 Mary    
George Pettit 1854 Annie Martha Anne Pettit
Elizabeth Pettit
Harold Pettit     Anne Pettit  
Herbert Pettit 1865      
Herbert G Pettit 1901      
Horace W Pettit 1851      
Horace Pettit 1856      
Horace W Pettit 1870 Francis May Watts Grace Pettit
Madge Pettit
Winifred Pettit
Ivy Pettit
Eva Pettit
Walter Banks

Charles West
Cyril Wiseman
Charles Peck
James Pettit 1877      
Jane Pettitt 1826   Jane Pettitt  
John Pettitt 1817      
John Victor Pettit 11 Apr 1876      
John Pettit   (Son of Wesley)    
Lee Pettit 1982      
Lucy Pettitt 1820      
Melvyn Pettit 6 Feb 1960 Heather Pentland    
Randle Pettitt 5 July 1886      
Stanley W Pettit 1917 Margaret Peek Jean Pettit Brian Reeves (1)
Susannah Pettit 1845 Charles Seaman    
Wesley Pettit   Joan Gillian Pettit
Margaret Pettit
William Pettitt 17?? Lucy Buckingham (or Buckman) Lucy Pettitt
Elizabeth Pettitt
Jane Pettitt
Sarah Ann Pettitt
Emily Pettitt
William Pettit 1844 Sarah Ann Middleditch Elizabeth Pettitt
Bertha Pettit
Hilda Pettit
William Pettit 1862 Mary Lily L Pettit
Daisy M Pettit
Mabel M Pettit
William Amos Pettitt 1866 Alice Germain Jessie Pettit
Edith Pettit
William Pettit 1882 x1   Elizabeth Vale
x2  Jennie Isham

Joyce J Pettitt
Jean Pettitt
William H Pettit 1888      
William H Pettit 1906



*   Where a female member of the family marries, her web page will contain details of her life and any children from the marriage, all on one page.   As the children cease to carry the  Pettit(t) surname, they will not be accorded their own web pages.
Where a female has illegitimate children however, and the Pettit(t) name is assumed by the children, each child will be given their own web page.