The Peek Family

Gladys Margaret Mary Peek b 6th November 1899 - d 3rd January 1965

Husband - Horace Daughter - Margaret
Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1901 Yes



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Research Dates
6 Nov 05

6 November 2005
I was first made aware of Gladys by Christine Smith, who was researching her Peek relatives at the same time as I was researching mine.   Gladys was the sister of my maternal grand-father, and that is how we met and combined our research.   It seems rather fitting that today, on what would have been the 106th birthday of Gladys, that she makes her rather belated appearance on the family website!   Without doubt, Gladys had a rather troubled time throughout her life.   Born to parents Robert and Margaret Peek, she was to be their only daughter.   She was the fourth child out of an eventual eight that survived birth, being born on the 6th November 1899, in Pakefield.   Gladys' story is best told through the eyes of her daughter, Margaret Mary Moore, there is a link to that story on her own page.

This is a lovely family picture, showing Gladys with husband Horace Edward Moore, and their daughter Margaret Mary Moore.

Birth Certificate

The certificate shows Gladys being born on the 6th November 1899 to parents Robert and Margaret Peek, in Pakefield.   The birth was reported by mother Margaret, and registered on the 16th December 1899 by R Soames, Registrar.

Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate shows Gladys and husband Horace, both aged 20, marrying in the Parish Church at Kirkley.   The witnesses to the marriage are Herbert Moore and Leonard Peek, the latter being the brother of Gladys.

Death Certificate

The death certificate confirms that Gladys Margaret Mary Moore died aged 64 on the 3rd January 1965 at St Audrys Hospital, Melton.   She is shown as being the widow of Horace Moore, although at the time the certificate was issued his Christian name was left blank, possibly because there was no-one available who knew it.   An address of 303 London Road was given, though this may have been a previous address, or the address that was given when Gladys was admitted to hospital.   The death was registered on the 5th January 1965.