The Pettit and Peek Families

Welcome to a history of the Pettit and the Peek families, from their earliest traceable origins to the present day.   These type of things always start with a 'why', so I won't be any different.   I started back in 1996 because the whole thing interested me, but the research ground to a halt when I was posted to Northern Ireland for two years.   It isn't very easy to conduct any sort of research there without arousing any sort of suspicion, so everything was put on hold.   I came back to the mainland to shift working and a tour down the Falklands, so there was still no further progress.   Then in November 2002 the urge to discover my roots took hold again and research started once more, this time aided and abetted by my PC, the web and the fact that the 1901 census was online courtesy of the Public Records Office, and the 1881 census through the the Church of the Latter Day Saints, both fantastic resources for delving back into the past.

Prior to this information being made available I was stuck on my paternal Grandfather - not very far back at all it seemed.  Use of the web has enable me to go back, at this moment in time, to Great Great Grandfather George Pettit, born 1823 in Woodbridge.   I hope to go back further still, when time to visit and research the county record offices or the public record office permit.   If you are able to assist, perhaps you have a connection to someone listed in the index or the family tree, please click here to go to the submissions form.

I have now moved to broadband and away from 56k dial-up access.  This has had repercussions on the file sizes of some of the pages, there are a lot of images on some pages and consequently the download time can be up to four minutes for some of the more highly researched members of the family.   If you want a faster download, can I suggest that you turn pictures off through your browser if it supports that option, unless you want to view the whole page with images.

Thanks for taking a look at my site, hopefully there will be something interesting on it for you.