The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

James Pettit b 29 November 1877 - d

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1881 No



Place of birth (No map yet)
1891 Yes



Place of marriage
1901 No








Research Dates
8 Aug 06       

8 August 06
Not very much is known about James.   He was originally found in the 1891 census whilst a search was being carried out for his father, William.   At the time of the census, James was aged 13, and living at the Staff of Life beer house, where his father was the beer house keeper.   James then disappears from view, he has not yet been found in the 1901 census, though there are three possible entries in the register for his marriage, with dates ranging from 1910 through to 1914.   None of the locations give any strong indications as to which of the certificates is most likely to be the James in question, so they will be obtained one at a time until the correct one is found.

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Birth Certificate

The birth certificate for James shows that he was born to parents William and Sarah Ann Pettit (Middleditch) on the 29th November 1877, in the hospital at Shorncliff Camp, Kent. At the time of the birth, father William was a Colour-Sergeant in the Coldstream Guards, a rank he was to hold for some time. Mother Sarah Ann reported the birth on the 3rd December 1877, to the Deputy Registrar M Birch.

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