The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

Jane Pettit b 1826 - d

Daughter - Jane
Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1841 Yes


Yes, Pallott's Baptism Index

Place of birth (No map yet)
1851 Yes



Place of marriage
1861 No



1871 No        
1881 No        
1891 No        
1901 No        







Research Dates
23 Jun 06       

23 June 2006
Jane is another member of the family who is proving to be a bit of a mystery.   She was originally stumbled across in Pallott's Baptism Index, as were a number of her siblings, whilst a search was being carried out on her father.   The entry puts her birth year as 1826.   She then disappears until the censuses of 1841 and 1851, although the entries found cannot be certain to relate to her, as no other family members are mentioned in either entry.   The entries are the most likely candidates from a rather limited number though.

The 1841 census finds Jane, if it is her, in the parish of Alderton, which is adjacent to Boyton.   She is aged 15, and working as a servant in a house in street, Alderton.   With her in the house were Richard Jarbeau, a surgeon aged 26; Susannah Brown a servant and aged 40; and finally William Stewart, possibly an agricultural labourer, although the entry is not very clear, aged 14.

The 1851 census finds a J Pettit (no first name) as an unmarried servant, aged 24.   In the house with her in Doric Place, Woodbridge, were George Thompson, a 74 year old county surveyor, and his wife E Thompson aged 65; and L Mayes, a 52 year old unmarried nurse.

After the 1851 census, the trail for Jane goes cold.   She did have an illegitimate child, also called Jane, who was born on the 23rd August 1843, and who appeared in the 1861 census, but without her mother.   No trace could be found for Jane the elder in the 1871 census either, so further research will be conducted to see if she got married or died in the years between the 1851 and 1861 censuses.

Pallott's Baptism Index

This extract from Pallott's Baptism Index shows Elizabeth, daughter of William, mariner, and Lucy, nee Buckman.

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1841 Census

Jane is proving hard to keep track of, and the match in this record is not certain, it is the best of a few possible matches. If it is Jane, she is aged 15, as would be expected, and she has moved to Boyton's neighbouring parish of Alderton to work as a servant. In the house with her were Richard Jarbeau aged 26 and a surgeon, Susannah Brown, 40 and a house servant, and William Stewart, 14, and possibly an agricultural labourer, although this is not clear.

1851 Census

As with the entry for Jane in the 1841 census, there is no absolute certainty that this record is correct, again it is the best match of a few possibles. In this record, a J Pettit (no first name) is shown as being an unmarried servant, and aged 24. With her in the house with her were George Thompson, aged 74 and a county surveyor, his wife E Thompson, aged 65, and L Mayes, a 52 year old unmarried nurse. The family lived in Doric Place, Woodbridge.

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