The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

John Pettit b 1817 - d

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1841 No


Yes, Pallott's Baptism Index

Place of birth (No map yet)
1851 No



Place of marriage
1861 No



1871 No        
1881 No        
1891 No        
1901 No        







Research Dates

21 Feb 06 8 Apr 06

21 February 2006
John was first found on Pallott's Baptism Index, a copy of which is reproduced below and as the birth is pre-1837, this is the only record relating to the birth that is available.   A search of the 1851 and 1861 census records reveal some possibilities for him, but nothing conclusive, and, as the 1841 census is not yet online and has to be searched manually, John has not yet been located in it.  There are three possibilities for his marriage, one of which will yield a large number of children if it proves to be him.   The entry for this marriage is Q4 1846 Woodbridge v12 p991, where a John Pettitt is shown marrying an Elizabeth Smith.   At first, this find seem to fit John exactly, but after cross referencing  the facts, including references to their children against the 1861 census it was found that the birth locations did not match and this cast some doubt on whether the records were a match.   The doubt has been dispelled to some degree however, as the 1851 census shows all persons who would have been alive in that year matching with the 1861 census, and that John being born in Boyton, which is where he would have been expected to be born.   There is a possibility then that the wrong place of birth was given for the 1861 census.   Until the facts have been clarified, the census records will not be reproduced.

To clarify the situation, the marriage certificate for the event above has been ordered, together with the second most promising of the three marriage register finds.   The critical part of the certificate will be the father's name, and this will decide which marriage certificate is the right one.   Hopefully, John's father's name will appear on the certificate where Elizabeth Smith is the bride, and a whole new line of the family will emerge.

An entry has also been found in the Register of Deaths which may relate to this John.   It is Q4 1870 Woodbridge 4a 419.   The certificate will be obtained at a later date.

8 April 2006
The marriage certificates have arrived, unfortunately neither apply to the John in question.   The 1846 marriage shows John's father as a Robert Pettitt, not William as hoped for, and the 1843 marriage gives the father's name as John.   The search continues!

Pallott's Baptism Index

This extract from Pallott's Baptism Index shows John, son of William, mariner, and Lucy, nee Buckman.

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