The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

John Victor Pettit b 11th April 1876 - d

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found
1881 Yes Birth Yes
1891 Yes Marriage Yes
1901 Yes Death No

   Research Dates

27 Feb 04 6 Jul 06 21 Aug 06  

 27 February 2004
John Pettit was first found whilst checking the 1881 census for his grand-father, George Pettit(t).   At that time he was shown as being aged 4, but no further information could be found.   Following the purchase of the 1891 census on CD, John appeared once again, still resident with his grand-father, this time not in Boyton as per the 1881 census, but at 25 Ufford Road, Eyke, Suffolk, and aged 16.   These dates meant that there were only two members of the family that could be his parents, either George (1854) or Susannah (1851).

An entry for his birth was found in the register of births, marriages and deaths (Q2 1876, Woodbridge Volume 4a, Page 724) and a birth certificate was obtained, which showed that Susannah was John Victor Pettit's mother.   As with his elder brother Horace, his father's name has been omitted from the certificate.   A major difference though is that John Victor was born in Pettistree, Suffolk, as was another yet unconfirmed brother William, not in the Union Workhouse, Nacton, Suffolk.

6 July 2006
It doesn't seem possible that it is over two years since the last time I made an entry for John Victor on this site.   I have always been looking for information on him, but he has been very elusive.   It is only since joining and using their powerful search tools that I have located his marriage certificate, and established the name of his wife.   Finding that he married an Eliza Foreman fits nicely with the names of the witnesses of elder brother Horace's marriage certificate, where the witnesses were a John and Eliza Pettit.    The plan is now to continue with the search, to locate John and Elizabeth in the 1901 census, and thence on to their death certificates.

21 August 2006
The entry for John and his wife Eliza has eventually been found, and is shown below  

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Birth Certificate

John's birth was registered by mother Susannah on the 27th June 1876. No father's name is present. The deputy registrar H E Hill recorded the birth.

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Marriage Certificate

The certificate shows that John Victor, aged 19 and a bricklayer's labourer of Woodbridge, married Eliza Foreman aged 20 and a confectioner's assistant, also of Woodbridge, at Woodbridge Register Office on the 13th October 1895. At the time of the marriage John Victor was a bachelor, and his wife a spinster.

No father's name is given for John Victor, as expected, however Eliza's father was James Foreman, a whitesmith. The marriage was witnessed by Robert Friar and Anna Crosby, both parties unknown, and registered by John William Andrews, Registrar and George E Walker, Supt Registrar.

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1901 Census

John appears in the 1901 census with his wife Eliza. Both are shown as being aged 26, though in reality , John's age should be 24. John's occupation is given as a bricklayer and a worker, but no details are provided for Eliza.