The Peek Family

Margaret Mary Moore b 8th March 1922 - d 28 October 2003

Husband - John Daughter - Christine
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9 Nov 05

12 December 2005
Below are some words from Christine, daughter of Margaret.

"During the last two years before my mother passed away I got her to write down anything she could remember about her childhood. I didnít know much about her family only that she had been brought up by her grand parents after her mother had been put into an institution when my mother was a young child.  Her father had died before I was born and as far as I knew so had her mother, I was to find out later that her mother had only past away in 1965.

I thought by asking my mother to write things down it would keep her mind occupied. She had started to go back down the years remembering things that had happened in her family.  It was only after my mother passed away in 2003 that I read what she had written. With time on my hands I decided to start researching into my family tree starting with Gladys, my motherís mother. I wanted to know what had happened to her and in my journey through time I not only discovered what happened to Gladys, my grandmother, but found there were lots of branches to the Peek tree that I knew nothing about. I have since made friends with many people from these branches. "

The internet is indeed a fantastic tool for projects such as this.   With a bit of luck (and some hard work!), we may be able to find yet more undiscovered relatives out there.