The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

Martha Anne Pettit b 1850 - d 13th September 1850

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found
    Birth Not found as of 17 February 2004
    Marriage Died early
    Death Yes

Research Dates
10 Jan 03        20 Feb 04

10th January 2003
Martha Anne had an extremely short life.   Found in the Boyton parish baptism records, she was baptised on the 29th March 1850.   She was the third new child that I had found in the records for George and Mary, but sadly she also proved to be the first found in the burial register.   Martha Anne was buried on the 17th November 1850, having only lived for eight months.   How long she lived compared to the rest of the family is not yet known, as the civil registration records for the period have not yet been searched, but hers is the shortest life span found so far.   Worse was to follow for the parents as the next two children born, Annah and Horace William both died within a six year period following Martha Anne.

20th February 2004
From research carried out to date, it would now appear that Martha Anne is the first child of George and Mary, not the third.   The other two, who were found on the initial search through the parish records of Boyton, were the children of other parents.   They were Mary Pettit (b 12th January1847), the child of John and Elizabeth Pettit (nee Smith), and Amelia Pettit (b 7th November 1847), the child of Walter Pettit and Louisa Pettit (nee Sheppard).

Death Certificate

Martha Anne died aged 8 months old on the 13th November 1850. The cause of death was inflammation of the lungs.  Present at the death was Mary Ann Bloomfield, of Boyton. The death was registered on the 20th November 1850, the registrar being Philip Puzey, Deputy Registrar.

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