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Melvyn James Pettit b 6th February 1960 - d

Wife - Heather        
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No research necessary for me, this one is straight from the horse's mouth!   For me, life started at 30 Vicarage Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk.   I was born there, in the main front bedroom, which means that house has always had a special place in my heart.   I grew up there, and it was a big wrench to leave when I finally decided to leave Felixstowe to see the world, courtesy of the RAF.

The first picture from the left shows a very young me at home.   Home was a three bedroom semi-detached council house, which my mother always kept immaculately clean.   The house had a front and back garden, the back garden usually used to grow vegetables.   There was one brick built flat roofed shed divided into two areas, one of which was a small coal shed and the other larger part a storage area where all of our bikes and garden equipment was stored.   The house also had an outside toilet, which was attached to the main building.   The rest of the house comprised of a kitchen complete with walk in larder, a dining room, sitting room, hall, stairs and landing, three bedrooms, one airing cupboard, a bathroom and toilet.   It was a fantastic place to grow up in, and I was very sad when my mother eventually moved in 1982 after my dad died to somewhere much smaller and more manageable for herself.

I had, in all honesty, already left home before my mother moved when I joined the RAF.   My great plans to see the world never materialised though, although I did get to Cyprus a couple of times on detachment, the same number of times that I went to Falkland Islands.   The first visit there was in 1985/6, the second time in 1999.   My tours took in RAF Swinderby for recruit training, RAF Hereford for trade training, RAF Wattisham, RAF Biggin Hill, RAF Halton, RAF Hereford (as a trade training instructor), MOD Harrogate, RAF Wyton, RAF Aldergrove and finally RAF Wittering.   All of that took 22 years, and I have to say most of it was extremely good fun and I met some amazing people who have become good friends.


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