The Peek Family

Robert Peek b 1760 - d 31 January 1850

Wife - Honour        Son -James        Son - Royal        Daughter - Honour        Daughter - Maria        Son - Royal        Son - Robert        Son - Edward

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1841 Yes


No, pre-1837

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No, pre 1837

Place of marriage


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Research Dates
14 Sep 05

14 September 2005.
Limited information has been found out about Robert so far.   He was born in Rushmere, Suffolk, the seventh child and fourth son of parents James and Elizabeth Peek.   His christening took place on the
1st June 1760, in Henstead, the first date for which a formal record can be attributed to him, as he was born before deaths were required to be registered centrally.

The next major event which is recorded is his marriage to wife Honour Rayner, which took place on the 18th October 1785 at Henstead, when Robert would have been aged either 24 or 25.  This marriage produced some seven known children, with variations on the surname spelling of Peek, Peke and Peeke.

Not too much is known about Robert, other than that he was shown in the 1841 census as a shoemaker, a departure from the normal Peek occupations, which normally involved the sea, being in the main fishermen.   The life must have suited him as he lived to the ripe old age of 89 or 90, dying on the 31st January 1850.   As yet his death certificate has not been obtained, but when it does it will be interesting to find the cause of death, and the name of the witness.   Sadly, wife Honour was to survive him by only a further five months, she passed away sometime in June 1850.   The death register will be checked to find the entry relating to her, and the certificate will be obtained.

Death Certificate


1841 Census

This extract from the 1841 census shows Robert and Honour together, living at Street, Pakefield.   Robert is aged 81 and is a shoemaker, Honour is shown as being aged 77.   Both are shown as being born in the county, and none should know better than the census enumerator for the district, as he happened to be their eldest son James.

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