The Peek Family

Robert Peek b 15th October 1822 - d 13 July 1876

Wife - Naomi        Daughter - C        Son - Edward        Son - Emanuel        Daughter - Phoebe






Research Dates
3 Jul 05 

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1841 No


No, pre-1837

Place of birth (No map yet)
1851 Yes



Place of marriage
1861 Yes



1871 Yes        
1881 Yes        
1891 Yes        
1901 No        

3 July 2005
Robert is the oldest Peek on which I have evidence that includes certificates and census entries.   To date, the evidence includes the 1851 and 1871 census records, although Robert was away on the night of the latter census, and his death certificate.

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Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate

1851 Census

The entry above was taken from, a site that was passed to me by Christine Smith, my second cousin, who is also researching the Peeks.

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1861 Census

Robert, a fisherman, is found with wife Naomi, and children Edward, now 13 and a carpenter, Phoebe, 10 and Clara, 8, both scholars. Son Emanuel is missing from the household in this census.

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Naomi Harriet Peek b 1824 - d 22 July 1902

Certificate Type Copy Found
Birth No, pre-1837
Marriage Not found as at 24 July 2005
Death Yes

3 Jul 05 

One of the earliest pictures I have, this photograph of Naomi Harriet Peek, nee Kemp, was sent to me by Christine Smith.   Even now, I still find it fascinating that we can actually look at members of the family from so long ago, and wonder how their lives were lived.   This photograph has not been dated, but in it Naomi does not look very old at all.   She does look very slim though!

3 July 2005
As there there will be the lack of a birth certificate for Naomi, much of her early traceable history is shared with husband Robert.   Nevertheless, on occasions such as the 1871 census, Naomi is shown to be on her own, and again towards the end of her life after Robert died in 1876.   Naomi was to survive her husband by another 31 years, finally meeting her end in 1902.

Death Certificate

The certificate arrived on the 21 June 05, and shows Naomi Harriet Peek as a widow of Robert Peek, a Fisherman. At the time of her death at 9 Beach Street, Pakefield, she was aged 78 years. The cause of death was malignant peritonitis, which was certified by Wilson Tyson MRCS. The date of death is given as the 22nd July 1902, and was reported by C Thompson, daughter, of 131 Lichfield Road, Southtown, Great Yarmouth, on the same day. The death was registered by R Soames, Registrar.

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1871 Census

In this census, Naomi is shown as Head, and as a Fisherman's wife, indicating that husband Robert was away, probably working at sea.   In the house at Barn Lane Cottages with her were daughter Phoebe Elizabeth and grandson John, who has yet to be traced any further.   Next door to Naomi were Edward Peek and his daughter Elizabeth, who are likely to be Robert's father and his sister.   These facts agree with a family tree found at the Church of the Latter Day Saints website, Edward is shown as aged 70 putting his birth in the years 1800/1, and an Edward fitting that description is shown as Robert's father on that tree.

As with the picture above of Naomi, the photograph of Naomi and Elizabeth Peek was sent to me by Christine Smith.  Again this picture is undated, but I am convinced that Elizabeth is Naomi's sister-in-law, and that the background is likely to be the house of either one of them in Barn Lane or Beach Street.   What makes me so convinced of their relationship is that the census records their ages as being very close, and the photograph seems to bear this out.

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1881 Census

In this census Naomi appears as the Head, which would be thoroughly accurate as husband Robert would have been dead some five or six years.   She is aged 55, with no occupation showing.   With her was grand-daughter Mary A Peek, and grandson Stephen G Peek. Mary Ann was aged 10 and Stephen George was 7, both shown as scholars and born in Kirkley.   Their parents were Emmanuel and Mary Ann Peek (Tubby).

Naomi may or may not have moved  within the 10 years of the previous census.   Her address on this occasion was 9 Barn Lane, which have been renumbered Barn Lane Cottages, or an address close by.   I will try to trace an old map to see if the addresses still exist, and exactly where they are.

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1891 Census

This census shows Naomi at 9 Beach Street, which again may either be a renumbering of her previous address, or a completely new address.   She is shown as being aged 66, Head of the household, a Housekeeper and a widow.   With her was grand-daughter Eveline Fisher, previously mistaken and misread as Caroline.   Eveline is shown as being aged 10 and a scholar.

As in the 1871 census, there is an Elizabeth Peek next door to Naomi.   This may well be the same Elizabeth Peek, particularly so if the addresses have been renumbered, though this time her father Edward does not appear.   There is some difference in the ages however, in the 1871 census Elizabeth's age is shown as 46, therefore in the 1891 it would be expected that her age would be 66, it is however shown as 70.   Nothing has been found yet for either Edward or Elizabeth on the 1881 census, but a search will be carried out to see if they are both still next door to Naomi.

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