The Peek Family

Royal Peek b 1788 - d 1863

Wife - Lydia

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1841 No


No, pre-1837

Place of birth (No map yet)
1851 No


No, pre 1837

Place of marriage
1861 No


Q4 1863 Mutford 4a 488 or 485






Research Dates
15 Sep 05

15 September 2005
Very little information is known about the unusually and grandly named Royal Peek.   All that is known so far is that he was born on in 1788 and christened on the 6th April of the same year in Rushmere.   He was married to Lydia Cole on the 5th August 1811, when he would have been aged either 22 or 23, then then the trail goes cold until the death of wife Lydia in 1855.   Royal lived for a further eight years after her death, finally passing away in 1863, being buried in October 1863 aged either 74 or 75 in Carlton Colville.

For someone with such an unusual name, I have been unable to find any entries for him in the census records, either online or through traditional methods.   Until the death certificates for both him and his wife Lydia are seen, no actual documentary evidence is at hand to prove their existence.

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