The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

Sarah Ann Pettitt b 1830 - d

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Associated Locations  
1841 Yes



Place of birth (No map yet)
1851 Yes



Place of marriage
1861 No



1871 No        
1881 No        
1891 No        
1901 No        







Research Dates
25 Jul 06       

25 July 2006
Sarah Ann and her younger sister Emily do not appear in Pallott's Baptism Index, unlike their elder siblings.   Sarah Ann was originally found in the 1851 census, where she appeared with mother Lucy, sister Elizabeth, nephew William and niece Jane, all Pettitts, whilst searching for her father.   Following the find the 1841 census was searched, where she was located with mother Lucy, brother George, and sisters Elizabeth and Emily.   Nothing else is known about her, although searches have been carried out from the 1851 census onwards.