The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

William Pettitt b  - d

Wife - Lucy Son - John Daughter - Lucy Son - George Daughter - Elizabeth Daughter - Jane Daughter - Sarah Daughter - Emily
Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found Other Information  
1841 Yes


No, pre-1837

1851 Yes


Yes - Pallott's Marriage Index

1861 No



1871 No        
1881 No        
1891 No        
1901 No        






Research Dates
18 Feb 06          19 Jul 06

18 February 2006
Having now joined, additional records that I have not had access to before have now become available.   Amongst those records are Pallot's Marriage Index and Pallott's Baptism Index, both of which have helped me confirm the father of George Pettit as William Pettitt, to whom this page is devoted.  I have not yet been able to confirm William's birth or death dates yet, although I am fairly certain that he was born around 1790, and died between the years of 1845, when he appeared on son George's marriage certificate, and 1851, where wife Lucy is shown as a widow on the census return.   There is an entry for a William Pettit in the Register of Deaths, Q1 1846 Woodbridge v12 p319, which will be obtained to see if it refers to this William.

Other information found so far are relates to census records, for both the 1841 and 1851 censuses.   William appears on neither, but wife Lucy does, with different children.   The records are reproduced below.

19 July 2006
A death certificate has been found for a William Pettit who died in Melton, but this has now been discounted.   The age given upon it is 39. That would put William's birth year as 1807, which means that he would have been 10 when when he fathered his first child, and 13 at the birth of his second. This certificate cannot relate to the William in question. If a further search of the death records between 1846 and 1851 does not reveal William, consideration must be given to the possibility that he died at sea.

8 November 2006
A copy of Phillimore's Parish Records (Marriages) for Suffolk has been obtained on CD. It shows that William married Lucy Buckingham on the 21 September 1815, in the parish church of Woodbridge St Mary.   No other information is available.

Pallot's Marriage Index

This entry from Pallott's Marriage index shows William marrying Lucy Buckingham, although this may be a mis-spelling, as Pallott's Baptism Index shows Lucy's surname as Buckman.

1841 Census

This census shows Lucy at home without husband William, who was possibly away at sea at the time.   Lucy is shown as being aged 45, although in this census, as ages were rounded up or down  in multiples of five, this is not strictly true.   It would appear that Lucy has chosen to round down rather than up.   In the house with her were son George, shown as 15, an agricultural labourer, and daughters Elizabeth, also shown as 15, Sarah, 10, and Emily 8.   None of the girls have any occupations listed, and all are shown as being born in the County of Suffolk.

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Lucy Buckingham or Buckman - 1791 - 29 May 1851

18 Feb 06          4 May 06

18 February 2006
All  information known about Lucy so far is shown below in the 1851 census entry, where she is shown as a widow.   Hopefully I will be able to locate any other subsequent census records for her, and her death certificate.

4 May 2006
Lucy's death certificate arrived, and is reproduced below.

Death Certificate

The death certificate shows Lucy dying on the 29th May 1851, aged 60, in Boyton. The cause of death was given as disease of the heart, something which has figured highly throughout many family fatalities. Lucy's occupation is given as the Widow of William Pettitt, Mariner, which confirms that he died before his wife, but sometime after 1845, where he is shown on his son's marriage certificate. The informant was Lucy's daughter Elizabeth, who was present at the death. The death was registered on the 30th May 1851, and the registrar was Thomas Lucock.

1851 Census

This census record shows Lucy as a widow, aged 60, and a pauper.   Her place of birth is shown as Ipswich, the only member of the family to be born there to date.   In the house with her were two daughters, Elizabeth aged 27 and Sarah, aged 21.   Both are unmarried, with no occupations listed.   Elizabeth is shown as being born in Woodbridge, Sarah in Boyton.   With them were two of Lucy's grand-children, William aged 7 and born in Nacton, which possibly means the workhouse, and Jane, also 7, and born in Boyton.

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