The Pettit Family 1823 - 2002

William Pettit b 16th July 1861 - d

Wife - Mary ?    Daughter - Lily    Son - William    Daughter - Daisy    Daughter - Mabel

Census Year Copy Found Certificate Type Copy Found
1871 Yes Birth Yes
1881 Yes Marriage No
1891 Yes Death No
1901 Yes    

Research Dates
11 Dec 02        15 Feb 04   22 Jan 05

11 December 2002

William is the first son known to have moved away from agriculture in the family.   At the time of the census in 1881 he was 19, living with father George and mother Mary, sister Annah, brothers George, Herbert and nephew Horace.   He was unmarried and on the land, working as an Agricultural Labourer.

Many things had changed for William in 1901.   The census shows him as age 38, married to Mary and living at 153 Valley Road, Leiston.   There were four children in the house, Lily L Pettit, William H Pettit, Daisy M Pettit and Mabel M Pettit.   William had also made the move away from the land by this time, he was shown as a Brick Maker, a job which perhaps paid more to support his family.

15 February 04

The 1891 census shows William at home at 119 Valley Gardens, Leiston, with wife Mary and the three expected children.   Mabel had not been born, and there were no unexpected finds to report.

22 January 2005
An entry for William has been found in the 1871 census, he is aged 9 and living with his parents and siblings Susannah (with her son Horace), George, Elizabeth and Herbert at Boyton Street, Boyton.

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Birth Certificate

William was born on the 16th July 1861, at Boyton, to father George, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Mary.   The birth was registered by Mary on the 16th August 1861. The registrar was William Arnott.

1891 Census

At the time of this census, William has married Mary, and has three children, Lily Louisa, William Herbert and Daisy Mary. The address is not fully readable, it may be Valley Gardens. He is working as a brickmaker's labourer. William also appears to have lost a year in age in this census!

1901 Census

William and his family have moved to Valley Road from their previous address. In the house at the time of the census are William and wife Mary, plus children Lily, William, Daisy and Mabel. William is now employed as a brickmaker.

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Mary ?