Family Lists

Paternal, maternal and other family lists

So far I have managed to put together two lists of names in my family tree, one from my paternal side and the other from my maternal side.  Those lists contain the names of my blood relatives on either side, but only those who were born up to 100 years ago.  That is to ensure that this site doesn’t fall foul of  GDPR by revealing data that may identify living persons.

It is my intention to create a third list of other surnames, comprising of individuals that married into the family and spouses of family members and their children.  That will take me a while to do, but I am able to show the two other lists.

At a later stage I will be linking some members from both sides of the family to their own pages where I will show a story about their life, according to the information I have found.  That will be a major project, but my help others check the information I hold and help them in their research.