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It’s a long shot, but worth a try

I am building a list of family members about which I have little or no information at all.  The list looks as if it will span the globe, but I will be keeping it short to start with.  I know that the chances of making contact with the families of any of the individuals named below is a long shot, but it is worth a try.

Pettit searches

I am very keen on tracing any Pettit family members who lived in Bethnal Green.  One branch moved there from Suffolk.  My Mum told that she went to London with my Dad to visit family members very early in her married life, but it seems that all contact was lost soon after.

William Pettit

Born 27th March 1844
Died 3rd October 1899

I had a lot of assistance with this family member from Janet Matthews, but I have since lost contact with her.  William was known to be a journeyman builder, and had a long Army career.

He was married to Sarah Ann Middleditch, and ran the Staff of Life pub until he died.

William Amos Pettit

Born 6th August 1866
Died 8th June 1963

This was another family member that Janet Matthews helped me with.  William Amos had two long careers, one in the Army, the other in the Police Force.

He died in Sheppey, Kent, at the age of 96 after returning from his daily walk.

Herbert S Pettit

Born Quarter 1 1920

Virtually nothing is known about Herbert S, he is one of my big brick walls.  He was the son of Herbert William Pettit (Herbert, Horace and William are very common family names), and Amy Amelia nee Fulbirg.  He had a younger brother, Thomas J Pettit who was born a year later, but died shortly after.

Peek searches

The very earliest of my Peek family were concentrated around Covehithe, Carlton Colville, Pakefield and Lowestoft, all within a few miles of each other in the north of Suffolk.  At one time my Mum was convinced she had no family left at all on her side, but subsequent research showed that the Peeks had become mobile and moved around the country.  I have lots of gaps to plug!

The family name has changed according to branches, some using Peak and others Peeke or Peake, but all are connected to Robert Peek born around 1633 in Covehithe.  I have used the name which seems to have been adopted  by each particular branch.

Robert Edward Peek

Born 5th December 1865
Died 11th August 1938

Robert Edward is my great grandfather, but I know very little about him or any of my descendants, including my grandfather Thomas Leon Peek.  I would be very interested to chat with anyone who has family connections with him.

Ronald Benjamin Peek

Born 18th January 1918
Died 1972, at sea off Iceland.

Ronald Benjamin belongs to ne of the branches who escaped Suffolk.  he was born in Penzance, Cornwall and also had connections with Fleetwood in Lancashire and South Shields where he raised a family.

Charles Peak

Born 5th October 1883
Died 26 May 1962

I wonder how far this site will travel.  Charles was another Suffolk escapee, leaving the country completely behind him and moving to Australia with his wife Janet Blyth (nee Graham).  

Contact me

i would love to hear from you if you have any information about my family members named above.  It would be great to have a chat no matter how distant the relationship might be.

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