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16th February 2021

More on William Pettit, born 1772

If you have read my story on Willam Pettit, born in 1772, you will know that I was unhappy with some of the facts, possibly leading to some incorrect links to other family members.  I was so unhappy that I visited the Suffolk Family History Society to see what they had to offer in the way of parish records.  I was delighted to find that they had not only the data I needed, but it was available for purchase in a downloadable format as well as CD.  I went for the former and began looking through immediately.

All of the data was searcheable in various ways and I soon had all that I needed to lay out some charts this evening on all of the Pettit familes in Boyton and surrounding parishes.  I have been able to identify the William I was after (he was actually born in 1771), and his parents.  An update will appear on his page soon.